The One-for-One
Program is Simple.

Music directors provide an instrument that is damaged and not in working order. No matter the condition, we can exchange it for one in good working order!

  • The One-for-One program exists to keep classroom instruments in working order and up to date.
  • Music Directors may apply through the form below, and should email us at with any questions.
  • Our programs seek to assist a wide range of schools over a large area, and so available instruments are limited to a maximum of three instruments per school on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The broken instrument directors provide to us need not be exchanged for the exact same type of instrument. (Directors could exchange a clarinet for a saxophone, for instance.)
  • The instruments Directors receive through the One-for-One program are provided by the community, are in good working order and not brand new.
  • Broken instruments provided to Band of Angels will be recycled into works of art for our annual charity art auction Art That Blows.

One for One Application

    Music Director Information

    Instrument Needed

    How would an instrument from Band of Angels affect your classroom and students? (Required)

    Attached Files

    If there are any additional files, photos or documents you would like to attach to your application, you may attach them here. Please keep the file size under 8 MB.