Connecting Students in Need to Music
One Instrument at a Time

Unplayed band and orchestra instruments are collecting dust in homes across the Kansas City area.

So many children across the metro would love to join band or orchestra, but can’t due to the cost of an instrument. Band of Angels collects music instruments and provides them to kids in need who couldn’t otherwise afford them. With these instruments, students can join their school’s band and orchestra programs.

Summer Music Camp & Scholarships

Attending music camp is a huge chance for growth for students serious about studying music.

Band of Angels also offers full summer music camp scholarships to the students it serves so that they may further their music education beyond the school year and classroom. Campers receive one-on-one attention from instructors that is not available in band or orchestra classes during the school year. For some students, music camp is a place where they can escape troubling situations at home and focus on what brings them joy.

2019 KU Scholarship Students

How You Can Help


Band of Angels relies entirely on our community's generosity. Band of Angels accepts band and orchestra instrument donations from the public at any of the Kansas City area’s three Meyer Music locations. Donated instruments are refurbished whenever possible; only an instrument in playing condition is put in the hands of a child. Cash donations are a big help in purchasing instruments and securing our scholarship funds.


Attend Our Events

We have two annual fundraisers, the Heart Strings Gala and Art That BlowsThese big events welcome the community to assist our programs, all while having a great time.

Our History

Band Of Angels was formed in 2010 as a not-for-profit partnership between WDAF-TV Fox 4 and Meyer Music. For our first year as a charity, our goal was only to collect 50 instruments. Instead, we got over 300! Since then, we've collected and recycled thousands of instruments and helped students, directors and schools from over 60 area school districts.